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Condition of Heart
In these busy times as we are all subjected to stresses of modern day life we have to know the condition of our heart. All adults males over 30 and women over 40 should regularly be subjected to a yearly checkup of their general health and specifically cardiac health. Please consult your family physician and a cardiologist.
Modern day Healthcare is about prompt diagnosis which relies heavily on support by immediate and accurate diagnostic services. Our services encompass but not limited to: - Raidology (Xrays , Ultrasound/ Colored Imaging) - Pathology Lab - Cardiac Diagnostics (ECG, ETT, ECHO) - Ophthalmology (Eye Test) - Endocopy (Stomach and Intestine exam)
Curious About Symptoms
If you are able to observe your symptoms are curious in understanding about yourself and your condition we will be able to guide you. Send us your query directly on our facebook Page
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Clinical Services

Consultants from various specialties and backgrounds are allowed to practice at the hospital. All Consultants are allowed clinical privileges at the hospital after scrutiny of their credentials by a relevant committee. Please click here for more details

In-Patient Service

The hospital has private rooms for providing the comfort to our patients during the admitted healthcare service delivery. The private rooms are equipped by all required amenities expected of as per international standards. Please click here for more details

Diagnostic Services

Imaging and Radiology are the core of decision making of modern healthcare. At MMH we provide all the latest imaging required including X-rays, Color Dopplers, Echocardiography and Ultrasounds. Trained Radiologists are present to provide the expert opinions to our patients. Please click here for more details


MMH provides in house pharmacy for the convenience of its’ patients. Care is taken for quality and authenticity of medical provisions for the patients. Please click here for more details

Family / General Practice
Gynecology & Obstetrics
Orthopedics & Trauma
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